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- A.H Guildford
Hosted Anti-Spam Solutions 
What is Spam ?
Spam is email which you don't want to receive, more often than not, completely unrelated email that is no use to you in anyway. Spam spreads quickly amongst a company domain name once the Spam software filters through your websites and mailservers picking out email addresses.

Also known as:
imageJunk e-mail
Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE)
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE)  

Our Solution
Digital Design can direct all of your companies email through Anti-SPAM servers that filter all of the junk emails and quarantine them before they ever get to your companies internet links keeping potential threats, viruses and unwanted SPAM well away from your companies servers. This also helps reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage on your links by keeping the unwanted emails completely away from your company and only sending in the good email. These SPAM servers are managed 24/7 utilising infrastructures owned by one of the largest ISP in the World. Rest assured your email is managed and in safe hands 365 days of the year.

Prices start from £2 per mailbox.

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