“Digital Design have been very responsive in providing remote support, even to our key remote staff located in different time zones!”
- A.H Guildford
Virtual Private Networks
Overview of VPN (Virtual Private Network)
The requirement for remote offices to communicate efficiently is rapidly becoming more of a necessity in today's fast moving distributed workplace. VPN's allow businesses to use their existing Internet connections for secure connection to remote site and home / remote workers. The secure VPN connection will allow authorised remote users to gain access to all the business applications within the company, as if they were connected locally in the main office.

VPN Benefits
imageTraditional remote access required businesses to purchase expensive dedicated leased lines for remote offices and maintain costly modem banks for dial-up users. Replacing leased lines and telephone charges with broadband Internet connections, businesses can now connect remote offices or remote users together via a VPN cost effectively.  

VPN Solutions
Digital Design are not tied to a single vendors equipment, therefore we can offer cost effective complete scalable solutions that are right for your business. These solutions can be expanded as your business grows utilising current equipment.

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