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Server Implementations 
What is a server and what can your business do with a server ?
A server is a specialised computer that stores and manages information and acts as a hub to connect other computers and devices, or “clients”. With a server, you can share files and resources, such as faxes and printers, in a secure manner. A server also provides data backup and storage, as well as e-mail and Internet access. For example, with a client/server network, multiple employees can access the Internet or company e-mail at the same time, or share the same fax machine and other office equipment.

imageDigital Design have successfully installed over 70 servers for companies and clients ranging from 2 users to 500 users for all types of requirements. These can be:
  • E-mail
  • Databases
  • CCTV
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Websites
  • Firewalls
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