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The Cloud is ever evolving. More and more services are now hosted in the Cloud. At Digital Design, We are not tied to any particular vendor and therefore can look at the open market to suit your needs. We can assist you hosting a service / server / database with any of the big suppliers i.e. Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS / Google.


Naturally Email has been mainly Cloud based for the last 20 years but nowadays it includes many other services to create a huge suite of applications using Microsoft Office365. Digital Design have migrated over 1000 mailboxes in the last 7 years, to enable our customers to be at the forefront of a reliable / scalable Email system with the added benefit of additional collaboration tools like Teams,  Sharepoint and OneDrive.

Additional services that we provide include a Cloud backup service which gives our customers piece of mind knowing that their on-premise servers are backed up daily to an offsite data center in the UK.

Remote Monitoring of servers and devices allow us to ensure your systems are working reliably. Any faults are flagged immediately on our control panel and we can get to work fixing these issues before they become a major problem.

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